Itineraries for discovering Tuscany - Southern Tuscany - My Trip

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Baiklah Pada Hari Ini Kita Membahas Topik Seputar Itineraries for discovering Tuscany - Southern Tuscany - My Trip.

Hello friends!

As many of you were asking about the great sights of Tuscany I have decided to open a section detailing interesting routes in Tuscany. I hope you will be able to find the perfect itinerary to help you organise your trip to this wonderful region.

 Today I will post the first of what I hope will become a complete map through Tuscany.

1.       Southern Tuscany Itinerary

 Siena and Arezzo area
Siena and Arezzo are splendid places to visit and detailed below is the best way to spend the weekend in this part of Tuscany.

Day 1
- San Gimignano & Monteriggioni + Siena (do not miss the Piazza del Campo and the Duomo.  Entry fee to the Duomo costs about 10 Euros but the Siena Cathedral is spectacular and worth this price alone).
If you are wondering where to eat I recommend 2 restaurants both with excellent service and cuisine: the first is called Pozzo and is in the town of Monteriggioni - which is between Siena and Florence; and the second place is the Tower a Trattoria in Siena at the corner of the Piazza del Campo and Via Salicotto.

Day 2
- Arezzo & Cortona (when in Arezzo do not miss the Frescoes of Piero della Francesca in San Francesco)
A great place to have something to eat in Arezzo is in the Pizzeria Scugnizzo and when in Cortona you must sample the delights of La Loggetta in the main square.

Day 3
- Pienza Montepulciano + + Bagno Vignoni and the Val d'Orcia (In Montepulciano do not miss the Church of San Biagio!)
Osteria Acquacheta in Montepulciano is the perfect spot to enjoy a bite to eat and in Pienza the restaurant Chiostro is highly recommended.

Both are ideal places to finish this wonderful route in Southern Tuscany.

Below you can find the routes in further detail on Google Maps:

Well guys I hope you will enjoy travelling along this route and have found my recommendations helpful,

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