Vivacious Versilia - My Trip

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Baiklah pada kesempatan ini kita membahas artikel yang berjudul : Vivacious Versilia - My Trip.

The Versilia

Versilia is a beautiful and rich area of ​​Tuscany, where green fields and mountains mix with the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea.

A journey through Versilia in northern Tuscany is highly recommended if you want to experience every corner of the beautiful land.

Getting to Versilia

Versilia is an area located in the northwestern part of Tuscany that is part of the province of Lucca and coastal towns: Forte dei Marmi, Pietrasanta, Viareggio and the following mountain villages: Massarosa, Camaiore, Seravezza and Stazzema. All well worth a visit.

The nearest airport is Pisa (located about 45 km from Forte dei Marmi), while for those traveling by train the nearest stations are Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi and Pietrasanta.


The territory of Versilia is surrounded by the Apuan Alps (parallel to the coast) and the Ligurian Sea, creating magnificent scenery which will dazzle.

The Versilia is considered one of the best coastal areas of Italy and is the meeting point of Italian and international celebrities, stretching from Bocca di Magra to Arno the many beaches offer every comfort, as well as a fairly wide range of local nightlife.

When visiting the Versilia it is also recommended to visit Lake Massaciuccoli (in the town of Massarosa) which is rich in Mediterranean flora and fauna. On the shores of this lake the famous composer Giacomo Puccini lived, and the town was renamed in his honor Torre del Lago Puccini.

Forte dei Marmi

This city is undoubtedly the best known in Versilia and takes its name from a fort built in the centre of the city in 1700, as well as the world famous Carrara marble for its incredible quality extracted a few km from the city.

Since late 1800, Forte dei Marmi became one of the summer holiday destinations most requested by the aristocracy. In fact, beach tourism is the most important activity in the city (there are about 100 beaches, called "bath", and many old villas of celebrities such as Villa Agnelli, which today has been transformed into a hotel).

Forte dei Marmi has much to offer to shoppers as the city has a variety of high-fashion boutiques. Fiacchini on Via Carducci is a must stop on any shoppers list with many famous names waiting to be purchased.


Viareggio is also very well known for its spas, and for its carnival, which is considered the most important in Italy.

This festival attracts thousands of people during February, fascinated by their colourful parades.

The most characteristic of the town is the promenade, where there are numerous art-deco buildings and and art nouveau, most of which are luxury hotels.

Viareggio also boasts many beaches and summer comes alive, especially thanks to the various events that take place in the city (as the Puccini Festival Theatre Festival-Song Giorgio Gaber). The city also has large parks running parallel to the coast, making it an ideal place for beach lovers and those who prefer the pleasant shade of the forest.


One cannot speak of Versilia without mentioning its intense nightlife, the Versilia is full of nightclubs, bars, restaurants of all types and levels (from the famous Twiga Flavio Briatore to "The Shed" in Forte dei Marmi and "La Bussola"
in Marina di Pietrasanta. Or head in to Lucca and try Buena Vida and La Canniccia to have a truly remarkable night out.

As always I hope this information has aroused the curiosity and desire to travel to Versilia!

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