The Islands of Giglio and Gorgona - My Trip

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Dear Friends,

The summer has arrived and with it the desire to enjoy the beach, the sun and a dip in the sea. That is why today I am going to write about Giglio and Gorgona, two of the most beautiful islands in the archipelago of Tuscany.

The island Giglio is accessible by a ferry that leaves the port of Santo Stefano at almost every hour of every day of the week. During the summer there are even more frequent connections to satisfy the tourists’ demand.

Giglio, unlike many of the other Mediterranean islands, retains its glory as a protected area. Marine life thrives here as the law keeps the waters from becoming contaminated.

One of the best protected zones, where one can also go for a swim, is the neighboring island of Gorgona.

Giglio has 4 beaches, Coldone beach, Cornelle beach, Campese beach and Arenelle beach, each more beautiful than the next. Should you be travelling with children I advise you to visit the Cornelle beach as it is the largest sand beach in the region while the others tend to be quite rocky.

 The old town on the island with its medieval walls and intriguing style is also well worth a visit if you find the time in between sunbathing and dips in the ocean.

A timetable of the ferry:
A collection of pictures of Giglio:

Also, here’s an interesting video on Youtube that provides a small overview of what is going on on the island.

As always I hope that our informational blogposts help you plan and guide you through your vacation in Tuscany.
Kind regards,

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