Sausages of Tuscany - My Trip

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Baiklah Pada Hari Ini Kita Membahas Topik Seputar Sausages of Tuscany - My Trip.

Dear Friends,

During a trip to Tuscany, you cannot forget to try our food- especially our ham and sausage, considered to be some of the best in the world.

The king of all sausages in Tuscany is, without a doubt, ham. There are many different cuts of Tuscan ham of all prices; in my opinion, all are good, including those of a lower price. If you would like to try one of the fancier cuts, my recommendation is the famous "Prosciutto di Cinta Senese".
This type of ham, comparable by price and flavor to the ham of the acorn-fed Spanish pigs, is considered the best ham in all of Italy. It comes from a special type of pig (that of the picture) that follows a special diet.

The second type of sausage I recommend you try is "Finocchiona". This type of sausage is cured with fennel and black pepper and comes from the loin.

Another delicious sausage is the Salcicce(butifarras). Salcicce can be cut from pig, boar, or deer; however, I prefer Salcicce from pig and cured with salt and pepper. 

One last type of sausage I recommend is called "Soppressata". These sausages are made from the poor parts of the pig and are quite a bit cheaper, but they are also deicious and you can make a great dinner out of these and different types of cheese.

I will talk about the different types of cheese in my next article.

I hope all of this is of help to you on your visit to Tuscany! 

Kind regards,


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