Christmas in Florence - My Trip

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Dear Friends,

Spending Christmas in Florence is quite possibly the best way to experience Tuscany and its capital during this magical and special time. All of the towns in Tuscany, especially Florence, have this certain enchanting and captivating glow during Christmas.

The Florentines tend to celebrate this festive period with various open-air markets, which the Italians call "Mercatini di Natale", or "Christmas Markets", where artisans from all over Italy come to sell their products, and in particular, delicacies.

In Florence, these "Mercatini di Natale" can usually be found in Piazza di Santa Croce, and you'll meet artisans from the north of Italy, as well as from Germany and other Northern European countries, selling various artisanal products and food.

For those of you who love shopping, I would recommend visiting the famous Via Tornabuoni, where you will find the most exclusive Italian fashion shops and international labels. Of course, during Christmas, all these shops are all the more elegant than usual because of their luxurious and lavish Christmas decorations.

Another place where you'll find shops worth visiting is Florence's permanent market, located in Piazzale San Lorenzo, near the Duomo. This market is open all year long and is the ideal place to shop for the finest leather, which Florence is famous for.

During Christmas, enjoying a stroll across the beautiful Ponte Vecchio is a must, the oldest and most famous bridge in Florence, where all the Italian Jewish jewelers sell their jewelry and collection pieces.

During Christmas in Florence, I also recommend visiting the many churches and cathedrals of the city, being that Italy is a Catholic country, it's interesting to enjoy the various Christmas preparations at the sites of worship.

Finally, my friends, I hope that you'll find a lot of useful information in this post, and that it'll help you discover Tuscany and Florence during Christmas.

Kind Regards,


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