Umbria, the unknown beauty - My Trip

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Baiklah Pada Hari Ini Kita Membahas Topik Seputar Umbria, the unknown beauty - My Trip.

Dear friends,

Today we are going to talk about Umbria, an extremely beautiful region bordering Tuscany.

Umbria is a much more affordable and very interesting region for all those who already know Tuscany or have enough time to explore both regions during their holiday.

Umbria, as its name suggests, "Ombra", that is, “Shadow" is an extremely mountainous region.

Its mountains and rivers (perfect for rafting) are beautiful as are the gentle rolling hills. Among its beauties, Umbria also has one of the biggest lakes in Italy, Lake Trasimeno, where there are some islands that can be visited by boat. This is a real nature spot for admiring the flora and fauna and eating outdoors 

For those who don´t have much time to visit this beautiful region I want to recommend some important spots that, from my point of view, are the best of the region:

1- The first spot to visit  is no doubt Lake Trasimeno, about which we have already talked in previous posts.
If you want to eat in the area you should go to Fischio del Merlo (Passignano sul Trasimeno) where you can enjoy excellent dishes of seafood and freshwater fish for approx 35-40 euros.

2- The second place to explore is the incredible Assisi, religious capital of the region and Italy as a whole,  Assisi is a must  for its architectural beauty and for the mystical air that it emanates. A visit to the cloisters in the forest where Saint Francis used to pray makes for an interesting outing.

3- Montefalco and Bevagna. Montefalco for its wines and Bevagna for the beauty of its architecture, for its Roman theatre and its churches. These two little towns are certainly some of the most beautiful in Umbria. From Montefalco particulary visitors are blessed with excellent views of the area, the hills and the mountains.

For gastronomy lovers "La Vecchia Cucina" lies in the little village of Colle Secco (10 min from Montefalco). It is, (in my humble opinion!), the best restaurant in terms of quality and price.
This family-run restaurant serves a real variety from typical Umbrian dishes: pasta, farm chicken and first class sausages! It also has excellent beer.

4 - Spoleto. Entering this beautiful region one arrives in Spoleto, a beautiful place with a ravishing cathedral.
 famous worldwide for its beauty. A trip to the fortress and the bridge from where excellent vistas of the whole valley can be seen are recommended too.

5 - Orvieto. It is one of the most beautiful Etruscan towns in Umbria and one of the best kept. Orvieto enjoys an interesting historical centre, and another magnificent cathedral that resembles the famous cathedral of Siena.

Best regards, 

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