Pitigliano- off the beaten beauty - My Trip

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Baiklah Pada Hari Ini Kita Membahas Topik Seputar Pitigliano- off the beaten beauty - My Trip.

Pitigliano is no doubt one of the most interesting towns in Tuscany for its history and its beauty.

As you reach Pitigliano by car you will immediately see its great beauty.

The town is totally perched on top of an abrupt tuff butte and is surrounded by green vegetation and the typical Maremma’s intense brown.
The whole town is constructed on a hill of "Tufo" (that is the name of this special rock which is typical of many areas of Tuscany and Lacio) and gives the impression that its walls and houses are a continuation of the same hill.
From the historic point of view there is no doubt that Pitigliano was inhabited by the Etruscans (500 AC), taking into account its many grottos that the archaeologists have found in town, although its present aspect is more medieval. Called the little Jerusalem, Pitigliano is one of the few towns of Tuscany which keeps a Jewish quarter with its synagogue.

Pitigliano is perfect to discover on foot and an hour is enough to get lost in its little narrow lanes, see the Jewish quarter and the synagogue. Pitigliano’s white wine is also famed. It is called Bianco de Pitigliano. So if you stop to eat in the village ask for the local white and more importantly, do not miss one of the best restaurants of the area: el "Tufo Allegro", located very near the synagogue.

A visit to Pitigliano can be combined with other two very pretty places which are off it: Sovana, and the Termas de Saturnia which are probably the prettiest thermal baths in Tuscany (see last photo).

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