Bagno Vignoni - My Trip

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Bagno Vignoni is an ancient thermal village located at the South of the province of Siena, just a few kilometers away from the famous city of Pienza. Since the Old Times, Bagno Vignoni has been a thermal centre, where people from all social classes came to enjoy its warm waters rich in sulfur, which spring out naturally from the underground.

Nowadays Bagno Vignoni is a beautiful village, which still preserves its medieval aspect and counts with two very important thermal centers. The first one is housed at the Hotel la Posta. The entrance to the hot springs costs 9-10 Euros, and from the pools people can delight themselves with the spectacular landscape of the beautiful Tuscan hills.

On the other hand, the second thermal center is located at the brand new Luxurious 5 Star Hotel Adeler Termae. The entrance to this hot springs is more difficult as it requires prior reservations.

There is a third thermal pool (see picture at the left bottom corner) with free access, where the waters of the Hotel de la Posta fall into a suggestive natural pool 20 meters away from the hotel. This pool can only be used in the summer as the water loses its natural heat in the fall and as a result it can be quite cold. For those who can enjoy this place in the summer, I recommend to bathe in the natural pool, which is far less “fashion”, but much more original.

The village itself does not have much more to offer. However, I suggest visiting the old natural pool (see picture at the top right corner), located right in the heart of the village (where bathing is forbidden) and making a stop at a cute inn right behind the pool, where you can indulge into homemade bread with all types of cheeses and cold cuts accompanied with one of those good typical wines of the area.

I hope you find our recommendations useful.

I have uploaded a cute video, which will give you an idea of what the old village pool was like.



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