Finisterrae - My Trip

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Hi, friends!

Today I want to share another restaurant I simply adore with you. It is called Finisterrae and it is in Florence, in the heart of the city, in Santa Croce square, opposite the famous church.

Fisnisterrae is a different eating spot from the typical ones you would find in the city as it specializes in Mediterranean cuisine with not only Italian dishes, but with Arab Greek and Libanese specialties as well. The food is superb and if it is to your liking you can try the Cus Cus, the Kebab or the Mussaka.

If you don’t want to be that exotic this restaurant also serves pasta from all Italy, not only Tuscany, such as Paccheri Campani (a very tasty pasta from Naples) or typical pasta from Sardegna based on semolina with strawberries and clams.

The restaurant also has a good selection of wines, of Spanish wines, too (if you grow nostalgic about them) and other more exotic ones from other Mediterranean regions.

The place is wonderfully decorated with Arabic touches and provides carefully chosen Mediterranean chill out music. If you come to the restaurant in the summer we suggest you should get yourself a table at the terrace, not in the exterior one, overlooking the Santa Croce church, but in the interior one, which opens up into an internal patio with a fountain and a lot of vegetation.

The last time I went to this restaurant was a year ago and I really found it was a perfect place for trying out some food besides the typical Tuscan cuisine, that’s why I want to recommend it as a restaurant to visit in Florence.

Well, friends, I’m attaching the link to the web of FINISTERRAE, where you can find more pictures of the ones published here, as well as the restaurant complete menus.

I hope you’ll enjoy and have fun in Tuscany.

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